Your personal nutrition coach for on-the-go

Cerascreen - Upfit meal plans follow a scientifically sound nutritional concept for healthy, sustainable nutrition and fitness that has been tried and tested through practice. The individual Cerascreen - Upfit meal plans are developed in cooperation with graduates of the renowned German Sport University, Cologne and are constantly being updated to incorporate the latest scientific research.

Our mission is to make healthy and individualised nutrition accessible to everyone. We believe that every person should have the chance to receive professional nutrition coaching, without having to spend hundreds of pounds. No matter what you want to achieve – weight loss, more muscle, definition, or a clean diet in your everyday life – your goal is our goal.

10 good reasons to achieve your goal with the Cerascreen - Upfit meal plan

1. Custom-made: Our Cerascreen - Upfit nutrition experts will personalise your plan to suit you, your everyday life, and your goal.

2. Scientific: Cerascreen - Upfit meal plans are scientifically sound – they’re developed in collaboration with graduates of the prestigious German Sports University, Cologne.

3. Versatile: More than 10,000 delicious meals to inspire you every day. Don’t eat the same thing every day – add variety to your daily routine.

4. Efficient: Save time when shopping with smart shopping lists – without annoying calorie counting. We take over the complicated grocery planning to free up your time.

5. Suitable for everyday use: perfect for working people – we now offer the time-saving meal prep function. And did you know? 80% of our dishes can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

6. Flexible: Swap out meals you do not like, and add your favourite recipes to your Cerascreen - Upfit digital cookbook with just one click to enjoy them more often.

7. Holistic: Increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system and self-esteem, improve your complexion, and reduce the symptoms of your allergies or intolerances.

8. Goal-oriented: Meal plans adjusted to your personal goal – nutrient distribution dynamically adapted to bring you sustainably to your best form.

9. Convenient: Use your nutritional coach anytime, anywhere – on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Conveniently print out PDF grocery lists and recipes.

10. Delicious: Exclude foods you dislike, eat only the foods you love. Replace hunger and sacrifice with enjoyment. Start a whole new journey with our fast cooking recipes that are both fun and tasty.

Thousands of success stories, write your own now!

Cerascreen Meal plan Ernährungsplan Altenbeken
Julia K. (29)

“I was surprised at how detailed and broad the plan is. It even includes a shopping list. It doesn’t get easier than this.”

Cerascreen Meal plan Ernährungsplan Altenbeken
Paula H. (34)

“The structure of the plans, the recipes and the shopping list is ideal. There are lots of different meals and they are quick to prepare.“

Alex J. (30)

“I work a lot and decided to have a plan which doesn’t include cooking at lunch times. I’ve lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks!”

Maeve V. (24)

“I love structure in my life and that’s why the meal plans integrate well in my everyday life.”

Amanda R. (42)

“A more tailored plan doesn’t exist. Friendly customer service too. I’m really impressed!”

Rebecca S. (26)

“Great plans tailored to all your preferences and goals. I’ve lost 14.8kg in 12 weeks with the Cerascreen Meal Plan.”