Frequently Asked Questions


Our nutrition and workout plans are suitable for women and men who’d like to eat healthily and consciously, and achieve their goals in a targeted and tailored manner. Would you like to lose weight, eat healthier, get more definition, or build muscle? Our nutrition plans adapt to the diet you prefer, how much you exercise, what kind of foods you do and don’t like, and what your daily routine looks like. Each plan is adapted to you, your goals, wishes, and needs. People and their bodies are unique – just like our nutrition plans.

Our nutrition and workout plans are ideal for anyone who’d like to lose weight without starving. How much weight you’d like to lose is taken into account in the planning process. Since your health is our top priority, we ensure you have no nutrient deficiency symptoms during your weight loss phase, and that you are supplied with all the essential nutrients at all times. We prioritize maintaining your goal weight for the long term and not risking a yo-yo effect. For larger weight reductions, therefore, a longer weight loss phase is necessary. The nutrition plans for weight loss depend on your individual body and habits.

Our muscle building plans are designed for women and men who’d like to build muscle mass or gain weight. Through a smart distribution of nutrients, you’ll achieve a low calorie surplus, which you can transform with strength training into muscle mass. Your meals contain lots of protein-rich foods which help your muscles grow. You can also integrate dietary supplements into your meal plan. Like all our plans, the muscle building program is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Our clean eating plans are suitable for anyone who wants to eat “clean” food consciously and permanently. Our nutritional plans provide your body with just the right amount of nutrients to function optimally. Your weight stays stable with this nutritional plan. The clean eating plan integrates healthy nutrition into your everyday life, inspires you with many delicious and time-saving recipes, and saves you time with Meal Planning. If you have questions about our nutrition and training plans, our experts will be happy to help.

With us there are no cookie-cutter plans, just 100% tailored nutritional coaching. Every day you will receive recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and up to 2 snacks. For every meal, you’ll get 3 alternative recipes that you can choose from. You will also receive a weekly practical and flexible shopping list to efficiently shop for your meals.

You can choose when to start your nutrition plan.

You can view and manage your nutrition plan at any time via various devices (tablet, smartphone or PC) in your user account. So you always have your personal nutrition coach in your pocket. If you have any further questions, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our nutrition and training plans are scientifically sound and developed in close collaboration with nutrition experts, sports and health scientists. With us there are no ready-made, cookie-cutter plans off the shelf, just nutrition 100% tailored to your body and lifestyle. The calculation of each plan goes down to the micronutrients and takes into account personal eating habits (vegetarian, vegan, food likings, etc.), allergies and intolerances (lactose, gluten, nuts, etc.) as well as personal preferences and needs (less time in the kitchen, meal prep in advance, food budget, personal goals such as losing weight, nourishing healthy or building muscle, and much more.). In addition, you can flexibly customize your Shopping Lists and save your favorite recipes, so that you can easily integrate healthy nutrition in your everyday life and achieve your goal sustainably.

Basically, your success depends on various factors such as discipline, level of activity, sufficient sleep, your level of stress and much more. In each Upfit nutrition and exercise plan, you will be coached on just these factors, so that you can get the most out of your plan and your hard work can pay off in full. If you stick to the simple rules, nothing stands in the way of you reaching your goal weight and optimal health.

We also specialize in plans for people who suffer from food restrictions such as an intolerance or food allergy. However, we cannot provide medical care, so you should be in full health at the start of your nutrition coaching. If you already have known illnesses, you should definitely seek advice from a doctor of your choice. For all other questions about the plans, we are available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.


Our team of experts is available for you during our business hours from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Simply send us a message in the live chat or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

As payment methods, we offer PayPal – here you can choose whether you want to pay with PayPal credit, a linked credit card or a linked bank account – direct debit, credit card (VISA / Mastercard), and immediate transfer. With all payment methods, you benefit from buyer protection, so that you receive your money back if we fail to deliver. You can find more about this here. We attach the utmost importance to privacy and security. For this reason, we work exclusively with certified payment service providers. The transaction is always SSL encrypted and we never see your personal payment details during the entire purchase process.

Data security comes first. Our website is of the highest technological standard and additionally SSL-certified (Secure Sockets Layer). The SSL certificate ensures that your data is unreadable during transmission by encryption for strangers. This happens on servers that run exclusively on “green power”.

After creating your nutrition plan, you will gain access to your personal customer account. There, you can directly view, edit, and, if you wish, download the current and the following week of your meal plan and shopping lists as PDFs. With the handy direct link, you can access your meal plan, shopping list, and training plan with just one click from your smartphone or tablet. Depending on your preference, you can follow your meal plan in digital form through your user account or as a PDF. The PDF is very clear and user friendly, because we know that members often like to have the plans in paper form, rather than digital form, for example when cooking a recipe.

You will receive the access data for your personal account by email. In some cases, our emails may end up in the spam or junk folder – so please check back there if you haven’t heard from us after ordering.

Upon successful payment, your interactive meal plan will be created within 24 hours, giving you access to your personal account where you can view your meal plan and, if applicable, your training plan. The email with your access data will be sent after successful payment. In some cases, our emails may end up in the spam or junk folder – so please check back there if you haven’t heard from us after ordering.


You can save recipes that you particularly love as your favourite meals. You can access your saved recipes at any time and use them as an alternative to another meal.

The skip feature allows you to exclude an individual suggested meal if you have no way to prepare the meal at that time of day (e.g. you are eating out or are invited to dinner). The ingredients included in the skipped meal will then be automatically removed from your shopping list.

For each meal in your meal plan, there are usually up to 50 alternative, suitable meals. If you do not like a recipe or you’d just like to try something different, you can choose one of the available alternatives. The alternative meals are also tailored to your needs. In addition, you can also choose to prepare a meal from your saved favourites. Favourite recipes can only be chosen if they are equal in calories to the original meal.

Your interactive weekly shopping list saves you an average of one to three hours of planning and organisation, as you no longer have to worry about meal planning. The shopping list is sorted by the usual food categories, in the order in which groceries are located in most supermarkets, so you can shop in an efficient manner. The shopping list includes all the groceries you need for a particular day or week, and updates automatically as you adjust your plan. You can check off purchased or already-at-home groceries with the check function, or print the practical PDF version of your shopping list, so you always stay on track.

Have you noticed in hindsight that foods that you do not like appear in your plan? Or would you rather eat 3 times instead of 4 per day so you cook less? You can easily adjust your plan for the future accordingly. Click on the MODIFY link in your meal plan or the MODIFY PLAN button in the orders area. It usually takes less than 10 seconds to process the changes. If you have forgotten what information is up-to-date for you, you can see it at any time in your settings and can also adjust it from there.

When choosing the date for a new plan modification to begin, consider whether you have already purchased groceries for the current week and if it is better to choose for the modification to begin the next week.

Missing valuable plan time due to vacation or illness? Not with us! You can freeze your plan at any time in the order settings, and the missed time will automatically be added to the end of the schedule. We want to offer you the best service for best results.

Tip: Please note that you won’t have access to your plan during your break. So think carefully about when to freeze, and use the freeze function primarily to bridge longer periods of at least 1 week.