This is how the Cerascreen - Upfit meal plans work

Tailored meal plans rather than one-size-fits-all plans off the shelf

Do you want to lose weight healthily and for good? Build muscle and define your body? Then a tailor-made meal plan is just the thing for you. With us, you decide which foods you want to include and exclude, and receive a tailor-made meal plan that’s perfectly optimised for your needs and optimal nutrient balance.

Guaranteed success without the yo-yo effect or food cravings! You’ll only eat the foods you love – no worries, even snack lovers and those with a sweet tooth will find something they enjoy.

The Cerascreen meal plan: 3 steps to your personal goal

1. Fragen beantworten

1. Answer all the important questions about your body and lifestyle

You will first fill out our short questionnaire regarding all important aspects of your body and physical activity. The information you provide forms the basis of your nutrition plan. With it, we calculate your nutrient requirements, portion sizes and your ideal ratio of micro and macronutrients.

Personalise Meal plan settings

2. Personalise your meal plan

With our versatile customising options, we will purposefully create the perfect nutritional plan to match your individual goal together. Whether you’d like to lose weight (with or without exercise), build muscle, or get body definition – your meal plan will fit perfectly into your everyday life. Like to spend less time in the kitchen? Have a food allergy or intolerance? That’s no problem with the Cerascreen Meal Plan! Your  nutrition plan will provide you a roadmap that is 100% tailored to you. You’ll see that healthy eating is actually fun – if you make the rules of the game yourself.

3. Ernährungsplan erhalten und abnehmen

3. Get your nutrition plan and start now

Within a few minutes, your tailored meal plan will be created. Your plan is your guide to your goal weight and to writing your personal success story. Get ready to reach your goal and go through life more confidently, happier, and healthier.