Healthy and lasting body and muscle definition

Meal Plan for Muscle Definition and Fat Reduction


Get muscles that are clearly visible, even on the arms and legs. For many, a six-pack is the epitome of an aesthetic body image. It should not look like muscle mountains, but rather like defined, athletic musculature. But how do you make these muscles visible?

The answer is simple: it is the overlying abdominal fat that obscures the contours of the abdominal muscles. Whether a woman or a man, the key to a defined body and a visible six-pack is the six-pack diet.

1. Muscle definition meal plan - your way to a perfectly defined body

Six-pack meal plan, muscle definition meal plan, shredded nutrition plan – Many names to describe one goal: to get more muscle definition. Getting more body definition and a six-pack is only possible by removing that annoying belly fat.

The six-pack is the normal form of our abdominal muscles. It consists of layers of muscle extending from the pelvis to the ribs. Tendons divide the abdominal muscles to give it the characteristic six-pack look.

Everyone has this six-pack subdivision and it will become visible when you reach a low enough body fat percentage. Of course, trained abdominal muscles make for a more cut, defined look than untrained abs. It is therefore advisable to support the shredded nutritional plan with a solid a muscle building workout plan. If you have a belly bulge – i.e. you have extra belly fat especially on the lower abdomen, and your stomach looks and feels bloated – you should work on changing your lifestyle habits in addition to switching to a muscle definition meal plan.

A well-known saying among coaches is “A six-pack is made on vacation!”. What this means is that being calm and at ease is very important for physical fitness. A high level of stress may be preventing you from losing belly fat. The reason for this is the stress hormone cortisol, negatively affects your metabolism, and makes you more likely to reach for unhealthy foods that turn into body fat.

Meditation, relaxation, and managing stressors are techniques that are guaranteed to help burn fat.

Diet preference

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Allergies &

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2. "The extra belly fat must be gone before the summer holiday!"

Many people can relate: You’ve lost the extra winter pounds, but your stomach fat remains, and it’s standing between you and the fitness holy grail: six-pack abs.

If you have been training for a while and are satisfied with your muscle growth but still don’t have a six pack, you should follow a tailor made meal plan for definition. Even if you’re already lean, but still have a little tummy, a six-pack meal plan can also be your friend and helper.

Have you lost weight but still look soft and out of shape instead of a firm and defined? The muscle definition meal plan and a six-pack training plan will help you to burn body fat and get rid of your belly.

3. Sample day from the muscle definition meal plan

Meal Plan Preview Web + Smartphone

To define your body, you’ll need to get rid of the excess fat. The muscle definition meal plan nourishes your body through a skillful adjustment of calorie intake and a balanced diet of healthy foods, while creating an energy deficit that will allow you to lose your belly fat without starving yourself. You can conveniently calculate your ideal calorie and nutrient distribution with our calorie calculator.

The foundation of a successful six-pack diet is a good supply of protein to maintain your muscles. From breakfast to snacks to dinner, the muscle definition meal plan gives you protein-rich meals to keep your body in calorie-burning, muscle-building mode.

This plan gives you correct quantities of natural supplements and healthy foods (also known as “thermogenic foods”) to speed up your metabolism and literally melt away your belly fat. The included shopping lists make sure you have the right foods available at the right time, so you can follow your muscle definition meal plan consistently. The size and composition of your meals are individualized to your body and lifestyle. This means we provide exactly what you need to achieve your your goal.

For more details see example in the picture above. Look at other examples from the plan here.


4. This is what you'll be eating

Three meal plan example recipes
Your tailored meal plan

5. Start your transformation

6. Get your beach bod in 4 weeks

The amount of fat you need to lose so that you can define your muscles and get rid of your belly fat depends primarily on your current body fat and activity level. You can determine your optimal weight considering these two factors with our BMI calculator.

How strong is your motivation to follow your meal plan for definition and, optimally, your six-pack training plan? To see the contours of your six-pack, your first goal should be to get to about 12% body fat (male) or 15% body fat (female).

The exact percentage is different for everyone, however, you can lose up to 1% of body fat in one week. In most cases, you begin seeing real results after six to twelve weeks.

Whether you want to accelerate your weight loss goals through exercise, burn fat, combat problem areas, tone your body or even build muscle, the definition meal plan is an absolute all-rounder!

7. Abdominal muscle: genetics and body type

How strong your six-pack and other muscles are depends first and foremost on your body fat percentage and exercise levels. How exactly your six-pack is formed, however, is genetically predetermined.

In most cases, the individual “packs” are not perfectly symmetrical; in one person, eight subdivisions are clearly visible, in another, four. Some abdominal muscles are rather compact, others are elongated, with a lower body fat which automatically makes abs look a little longer and more defined. Where you put on fat is only partially genetic – it’s mostly dependent on your previous lifestyle.

8. The perfect workout for muscle definition

As already mentioned, a good muscle building plan improves the look of your muscles. It will also help you lose belly fat.

To build muscle, you need a muscle building workout plan. If you have already built-up your muscles and just want to burn fat, you need a six-pack exercise plan that follows slightly different guidelines. Also, a HIIT exercise plan is a useful addition to your meal plan for definition.

8.1. Is endurance training or intensive training better for burning fat?

To burn fat you need very high intensities of training with comparatively short exposure time. Interval training forms or training that involves many different exercises and activation of many muscle groups achieve the best results in this area.

Endurance exercise, in the form of running and jogging, are greatly overestimated when it comes to the burning of fat and getting muscle definition. Due to the long-lasting, relatively low-intensity form of exercise, they can actually cause your body to accumulate more fat as a long-term energy reserve, rather than burn it.

8.2. "Reduce fat in ... minutes "- myth or fact?

The myth that it takes half an hour for the body to effectively burn fat is a common misinterpretation of the data. The high muscle activation-induced fat burning – after intense exercise- is based on the greater impact of intense work on the energy balance, while fat burning induced by long distance jogging means the oxidation of free fatty acids.

Intensive training is of far greater value for body shaping. For the ambitious fat burner it is therefore necessary to support the meal plan for definition with frequent, intensive workouts. For example, if you alternate between the strength exercises of the six-pack exercise plan and intermittent runs, you can train every day with no problems. One rest day per week is recommended.

9. Fat reduction and nutritional supplements

Some foods and supplements can be helpful compliments to your meal plan for definition. However, taken at the wrong time or without the right six-pack diet plan, the supplements will remain ineffective.

Simply throwing different “miracle” drugs in your mouth is about as meaningful as throwing coal into a fireplace where there is no fire. Save money and nerves by taking a look at our top 10 list of the most sensible supplements for supporting fat burning.

There, we also tell you when to take supplements and in what amount to optimise your results.

List of muscle definition supplements:

  1. Caffeine: Increases metabolism, increases fat burning, increases training tolerance (e.g. double espresso before training)
  2. Green tea & green tea extract: Increases metabolism, increases fat burning (about 500 mg with meals or drink throughout the day)
  3. L-carnitine: Increases fat mobilization, has a focusing effect (2-4 g with a meal)
  4. Ginger: Increases metabolism, thermogenesis (with meals)
  5. Cinnamon: Thermogenesis, increases insulin sensitivity (approx. ½ tsp / 1 g spread over the day)
  6. Cayenne pepper: Increases metabolism, thermogenesis, reduces hunger (depending on your taste at meals)
  7. BCAAs: Protects Muscles from Degradation, Delay Fatigue in Exercise, Increase Metabolism (4-8 g Post Workout)
  8. (Cold) water: Reduces hunger, promotes metabolism (3-4 liters per day)
  9. Fish oil: Increases insulin sensitivity, promotes insulin receptor neoplasm, increases lipolysis (2 g each before the meal liquid or as a capsule)
  10. CLA: Increases fat loss, protects muscles from breakdown (2 g each for meal)

10. Fat be gone : Tips & tricks for fat reduction

Finally, we present you our top 5 do’s and don’ts for getting rid of belly fat. What should definitely do, and what should you avoid to make your meal plan for definition a total success?

10.1. Do’s

  1. Train intensively.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Eat spicy food.
  4. Set a schedule for getting up, eating, exercising, and sleeping. And stick to it. Sleep at least 7 hours per night.
  5. Relax every day: meditate, paint, listen to music, bathe – whatever relaxes you.

10.2. Don'ts

  1. Avoid sugary foods or sweetened drinks, as well as fried foods and alcohol.
  2. Don’t eat right before going to sleep. Your last meal should be eaten at least 2 hours before sleep.
  3. Manage stress at work and home. Seriously, stay calm and relaxed. Stuff happens.
  4. Forget about constant jogging. 30 minute jogs are ok, but several hours a week just gives your body the signal “time to stock up on some fat reserves!”.
  5. Don’t watch TV or use your cell phone late at night. The blue screens bother your biorhythm, and cause sleep problems. Switch off screens at least 1 hour before sleep.